Types of fish according to type of water.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF), several universities and other institutions in charge of preserving the world’s fish, algae and other species Aquatic, are taken very seriously the identification and protection of fish, highlighting within them the following:
Saltwater fish:
Each of these 53 different types of fish can be found in the extensive saline waters that surround Miami and for each of them prevail parameters as to the length they should have and the number that can be taken by fishermen: butterfly fish, angels, Eels, cod, medregal (crowned) (Black and red), carito (black and red), carob (black and red), blackbird, macabre, guinea pig, goldfish, sole, Common and smooth striped saw.
You can also get pompano (pompano, yellow and strand), ocellated corvineta, red sorghum, American shad, shark, sorgo chopa, snapper (lamarita, cubera, biajaiba, raicero, canchix and mulatto), Gulf guachinango, Swordfish, yellow rabbit, white pejepuerco, Atlantic sleepyhead, dickhead and weakfish.
Freshwater fish:
The freshwater fish species mentioned below can be found in lakes and canals, where the fisherman must also take into account regulations regarding the use of boats, fishing rods and any other type of gear. As well as whether or not their consumption is allowed, or on the contrary must return them to their natural habitat:
Catfish, peacock butterflyfish, black bass, bass and shad, peacock bass, fresh water guava, oscar fish, jaguar guapetón, spotted tilapia, panfish are some of the types of fish you can fish in freshwater.

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