Monterey 224 FS for Rent in Ibiza this summer

Do you like open boats? Then you’ll definitely love the Monterey 224 FS, because it’s not only a catalog boat, but it’s sponsored by Monterey Boats in some places.
It’s ideal for a vacation or a few days off from the city and work, with your family or partner. That’s why this time we’ll tell you about it and its advantages.
This is because at we take care of putting at your disposal different, comfortable and even luxurious boats that will make you spend a totally different time.


Characteristics of the Monterey 224 FS.
What is it?
It belongs to the Monterey Boats shipyard and we are talking about the Monterey 224 FS model, which is an open black boat with white stripes and built with glass fibers and its type of construction is monocoque with a serial hull.
Its length is six meters with forty centimeters, its draft is zero with fifty-eight meters and its beam reaches two meters with fifty centimeters.
Finally, its displacement weight is one thousand five hundred and eighty kilograms.
What does it include?
An engine that uses gasoline as fuel and includes a tank with two hundred and eight liters. The type of engine is 1 x 250 HP Mercury 4.5 MPI Cat Alpha I.
It also includes several watches with backlit bezels made of stainless steel placed in control posts. On the other hand, it contains several comfortable and spacious seats and even a stowage area, in addition to the large solarium.
If this does not convince you, you should know that the hull of this boat includes the Air Assist Chine system, which will allow the driver an effective and fast handling.
In addition, a WakeBoard tower can be installed right in the shipyard, allowing you and your family to engage in a variety of water sports.
Aft shower.
Seadek on a bathing platform.
A stainless steel package.
A muss escorna retractable.
Anchor canvas for bow and deck.
Stern padded cushion.
A double battery system.
Bimini awning.
Console-mounted transducer.
GPS Chart Plotter with probe included.
Triangular cushion in the bow.
Automatic fire extinguisher in an engine compartment.
Ice cooler.
Special stainless steel coasters with stabilizer.
12v connection.
Fusion sound system with Jensen speakers, including USB and Bluetooth connection.
Bathtub locker.
Waterproof electrical system with independent protectors.
Telescopic ladder for bow and stern.
Height-adjustable power steering.
What’s the price?
In low season it costs 450 euros per day to rent it, in medium season 500 euros and in high season 550 euros. These prices do not include the skipper per day, which can exceed 200 euros and we must remind you that this boat is currently located in Ibiza, Balearic Islands in Spain.

Throne ATHN-1 slider for beach kings

This is a special model brought by the people of Airhead ATHN-1 is a slider designed to provide comfort and great resistance to its users with its reinforced structure, one of the many improvements over previous models that equals its Sportsstuff rival the Big Mable but surpassing it in comfort.

Perhaps one of the safest models on the market just for its design ensures stability and comfort to its user along with a special safety valve that prevents air loss and its Kwik Connect system that allows quick engagement and release but safe for maximum reinforcement.

Along with all this the great thing comes from its air retention capacity that allows you to stay inflated without losing air for up to a week doing what only your rival achieves but in a compact and comfortable size for those who enjoy both sliding and having a super chair at home. It is undoubtedly one of the best nautical toys.

Description of the product.

“a towable throne worthy of a king” as described in the market where it stands out for its comfortable shape that you can even use as an armchair to relax in peace at home or on the beach admiring the view while you are towed, with its EVA foam and nylon grips is a safe and practical option.

This Airhead Slider is one of the few in the market that has unique features among which the following stand out:

  • Perhaps the most comfortable of our sliders, the Airhead models are as popular as a spacious sofa and more if it is towable.
  • Backrest and reclining recliners for maximum comfort for towed passengers.
  • All Thrones are covered with double-stitched nylon over two large calibre PVC bladders.
  • 2 patented safety valves to prevent air from escaping during inflation or use on land or water. offers this great nautical slider and sister models at a great price which many like, being a sought-after model and known its larger capacity siblings are also offered by affordable prices showing that Airhead offers only the best in products.

Product Reviews.

A great nautical slider for those looking to have fun feeling like kings at sea, with all its qualities in great relief demanding buyers know that this slider is of better quality than many others in a similar way showing a great evolution over their rivals in the market.

Many of their rivals are left behind by problems such as the inflation system which loses air, but not with this slider or any Airhead products or products distributed by which are selective offering only the best in the business of nautical products.

To all this we add that the double nylon system makes it truly resistant to damage so we invite you to try the throne and feel like a king.

Yacht Charter in Ibiza: The Guaranteed Exclamation Adventure

Several people like the holiday, besides the lake or the ocean. One of the most beautiful places around the world is to go to Ibiza, Italy. It was great to spend time so close to the water and have the opportunity to enjoy all these wonderful things like renting boats of choice. But many people lose the pleasure of enjoying and seeing and being affected by all the desired holidays in Ibiza. This is because they do not consider what it is like to enter the waters to explore.

Most people tend to be so caught up in the restaurant and exciting events and opportunities available on Earth, that they had forgotten the excitement of exploring the waterways. Maybe you can think of getting into the water, but I don’t see how this could happen. Well, if you include people who fall into this category, you will be surprised to learn that if you can rent a boat in Ibiza.

For events in the sea Barracuda Ibiza can offer cruises to the luxury craft that could pull your breath little by little. You can ask to be shipped by boat and taken to a luxury hotel that way. They can also provide transportation to the city or the surrounding islands. It’s a fun way to enjoy your vacation, but just think about how Ibiza Italy boat rentals can give you much more.

When you want to rent a boat, you can go where and where you can. Think of all the privacy that comes with bringing your own boat to Ibiza. Of course, all types and sizes of boats are available for rent, so it is pretty easy to get for you. Small boats can make a great romantic getaway for the course only at 2. You can explore parts of Ibiza that are isolated in this way.

When you have a travel group together, you can rent a boat big enough to accommodate the whole crowd. It’s a fun way to enjoy the fun you can talk about in the years to come. You won’t find a dull time in Ibiza when you have a boat you want.

So the next time you plan a visit to the city of Ibiza, consider how interesting it can be when you use 1 Italy yacht charter dealers in Ibiza to add some personal flavor to your holiday. There is no doubt that it will make a holiday that will be remembered for years.

Types of fish according to type of water.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF), several universities and other institutions in charge of preserving the world’s fish, algae and other species Aquatic, are taken very seriously the identification and protection of fish, highlighting within them the following:
Saltwater fish:
Each of these 53 different types of fish can be found in the extensive saline waters that surround Miami and for each of them prevail parameters as to the length they should have and the number that can be taken by fishermen: butterfly fish, angels, Eels, cod, medregal (crowned) (Black and red), carito (black and red), carob (black and red), blackbird, macabre, guinea pig, goldfish, sole, Common and smooth striped saw.
You can also get pompano (pompano, yellow and strand), ocellated corvineta, red sorghum, American shad, shark, sorgo chopa, snapper (lamarita, cubera, biajaiba, raicero, canchix and mulatto), Gulf guachinango, Swordfish, yellow rabbit, white pejepuerco, Atlantic sleepyhead, dickhead and weakfish.
Freshwater fish:
The freshwater fish species mentioned below can be found in lakes and canals, where the fisherman must also take into account regulations regarding the use of boats, fishing rods and any other type of gear. As well as whether or not their consumption is allowed, or on the contrary must return them to their natural habitat:
Catfish, peacock butterflyfish, black bass, bass and shad, peacock bass, fresh water guava, oscar fish, jaguar guapetón, spotted tilapia, panfish are some of the types of fish you can fish in freshwater.