Throne ATHN-1 slider for beach kings

This is a special model brought by the people of Airhead ATHN-1 is a slider designed to provide comfort and great resistance to its users with its reinforced structure, one of the many improvements over previous models that equals its Sportsstuff rival the Big Mable but surpassing it in comfort.

Perhaps one of the safest models on the market just for its design ensures stability and comfort to its user along with a special safety valve that prevents air loss and its Kwik Connect system that allows quick engagement and release but safe for maximum reinforcement.

Along with all this the great thing comes from its air retention capacity that allows you to stay inflated without losing air for up to a week doing what only your rival achieves but in a compact and comfortable size for those who enjoy both sliding and having a super chair at home. It is undoubtedly one of the best nautical toys.

Description of the product.

“a towable throne worthy of a king” as described in the market where it stands out for its comfortable shape that you can even use as an armchair to relax in peace at home or on the beach admiring the view while you are towed, with its EVA foam and nylon grips is a safe and practical option.

This Airhead Slider is one of the few in the market that has unique features among which the following stand out:

  • Perhaps the most comfortable of our sliders, the Airhead models are as popular as a spacious sofa and more if it is towable.
  • Backrest and reclining recliners for maximum comfort for towed passengers.
  • All Thrones are covered with double-stitched nylon over two large calibre PVC bladders.
  • 2 patented safety valves to prevent air from escaping during inflation or use on land or water. offers this great nautical slider and sister models at a great price which many like, being a sought-after model and known its larger capacity siblings are also offered by affordable prices showing that Airhead offers only the best in products.

Product Reviews.

A great nautical slider for those looking to have fun feeling like kings at sea, with all its qualities in great relief demanding buyers know that this slider is of better quality than many others in a similar way showing a great evolution over their rivals in the market.

Many of their rivals are left behind by problems such as the inflation system which loses air, but not with this slider or any Airhead products or products distributed by which are selective offering only the best in the business of nautical products.

To all this we add that the double nylon system makes it truly resistant to damage so we invite you to try the throne and feel like a king.

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